🤖On-Chain Social ID Protocol

The On-Chain Social ID Protocol (Bonuz ID)

Users can easily log in to Bonuz with their already existing Social Login (Gmail Login, Apple ID Login, or Email Login with OTP) to create and access their On-Chain Social ID.

With the first login/sign-up on Bonuz, every User receives a free-of-cost On-Chain Social ID- this process can be completed below 45 Seconds. ( Simple Turbo Onboarding)

Bonuz Users can link and aggregate all their social media accounts to their On-Chain Social ID, which is exclusively connected via a smart contract to the user's non-custodial wallet. Every time the user updates any value on the On-Chain Social ID- a transaction on the blockchain gets generated, which doesn't require the user to pay any gas fees. Bonuz covers the user's gas costs to provide a smooth web2-like experience via account abstraction. A value that could be updated is the privacy and publicity of each Social Media Handle. So if a user sets a setting of social media to private, then nobody can see publicly this user's social media handle. (Not even us).

The On-Chain Social ID includes their web2 social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Threads, Twitter, Snapchat, X, TikTok, Pinterest, VK, Telegram, Whatsapp, Signal, etc. These Social Media Handles can be validated, verified, and authenticated.

Additional forms of identification are being incorporated, such as LensProtocol, PolygonID, Anima, Binance Account Bound KYC Token, and Worldcoin's Proof of Personhood. The On-Chain Social ID has 3 different types of verification ticks (Blue, Yellow, and Green). With all these verification factors, Bonuz aims to achieve the highest-quality user-profiles and achieve a great "Proof of Humanity" or "Proof of Personhood" by integrating these partners' solutions/validations.

The On-Chain Social ID has its own dedicated product website: Bonuz.id -

This is how a users social profile page looks like: https://bonuz.id/bonuz

The On-Chain Social ID will have an SDK which will allow other Dapps of Web3 and Apps of Web2 to directly upgrade to Bonuz's Web3 functionalities. This will be a form of scaling to our partners planning to roll out by the beginning of 2025.

The Bonuz Team created this innovative Onchain identity solution and plans to suggest it to become an EIP.

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