đŸĒ™$BONUZ Token

The primary Token of the Bonuz Ecosystem. It is important to note that the TGE won't occur until there are at least 40,000 Users. As of June 10th, 2024, Bonuz Inc. didn't launch any tokens.

$BONUZ Token Details:

$BONUZ is a deflationary utility & governance token.

The Bonuz Ecosystem has a total token supply of 1,000,000,000 $BONUZ tokens.

$BONUZ tokens sold in Public, Private Rounds, Team, Advisory, Marketing, and the Reserve are locked and vested for up to 60 months. *

Bonuz Shop = No Vesting

Vested $BONUZ tokens can be used for purchases at the Bonuz Shop without vesting limitations.

Lifting vesting restrictions (75% Token Burn)

For example, suppose John holds 10,000 locked $BONUZ tokens according to his vesting schedule.

At some point, John needs to use 1,000 $BONUZ tokens ahead of the vesting unlock schedule.

To do so by checking out, John burns 4,000 $BONUZ tokens and receives 1,000 unlocked $BONUZ tokens. Now John holds 6,000 locked $BONUZ tokens and 1,000 $BONUZ tokens that are unlocked.

Important Legal Note:

It is important to note that the "Bonuz Inc." entity, situated in St. Lucia, is responsible for the tokenizing of $BONUZ and $BOINTS.

Changes / Finality:

*All the above information is subject to be adjusted.

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