What is Bonuz?

Introducing Bonuz: A Game-Changer in Digital Engagement and the Web3 Space! It's not a fork or a white label—it's something totally new!

Discover Bonuz, a pioneering ecosystem unlike anything before. It's not just another platform; it's a groundbreaking blend of technology designed to revolutionize user engagement and experience. At its core, Bonuz merges Web3's power with a complete non-custodial approach, ensuring users enjoy complete ownership and endless possibilities.

Dive into the Bonuz universe with our flagship product, the Bonuz Mobile App. This social smart wallet is your gateway to a world where social media meets on-chain identity, transforming engagement into a gamified, real-world adventure. Some might call Bonuz a Super App or a Web3 Swissknife, but it's genuinely beyond that, evolving constantly to exceed expectations. Of course, all the wallet's standard features are supported, such as send, receive, swap, bridge, stake, and everything you previously knew. It is easier than ever- our account abstraction technologies allow you to finalize actions with 1 tap instead of 10 taps previously, which makes the whole Web3 functionalities as simple as using a Web2 App.

Bonuz stands for simplicity, interoperability, and unparalleled user experiences, aiming to reshape the future economy's landscape. Tailored for users, creators, communities, and brands alike, our platform blurs the lines between digital and physical, offering new innovative ways to interact and engage, creating value beyond mere monetization. Bonuz is a revolution the world has been waiting for.


What makes Bonuz different compared to its competitors?

Bonuz is innovative and exceeds its competitors in terms of logic, features, and utilities. It eliminates the problems that brands and creators face while establishing themselves in the market. Bonuz is a turnkey solution for everything and provides a close connection between the creator and fans, brands and customers, membership club and members, governments with their citizens and is not limited to these use cases.

Why is Bonuz called Bonuz?

Bonuz means something extra, and it brings extra opportunities for influencers, celebrities, brands, and their fans. Bonuz = Bonus → means something extra. Something rewarding.

Can anyone join Bonuz as a creator or brand? What are the requirements for establishing a private channel or use cases on Bonuz?

Every creator or brand has to be exclusively onboarded to operate and create campaigns on Bonuz. The trust needs to be established and it needs to be sure that the brands or creators are not harmful to the audience of Bonuz.

Will there be a DAO system to choose which celebrities could come into the metaverse?

The DAO will be doing that next to other important decisions. Every brand or celebrity could have their small individual DAO if it is permitted, and fans/token/subscription holders will be able to make slight decisions.

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