đŸĻ„Dual-Token Structure

The dual-token strategy of the Bonuz Ecosystem:

Bonuz adopts a dual-token architecture to enhance community engagement and secure long-term value for its participants. This innovative structure aims to balance the ecosystem's economic dynamics, encourage active participation, and maintain ongoing interest among users.

  • $BONUZ Token: This is the primary token of the ecosystem, with a limited supply of 1 billion tokens. It embodies the governance aspect of the Bonuz ecosystem and provides essential functionalities for users and businesses within it.

  • $SECONDARY Token: The secondary token of the ecosystem is a deflationary utility/play/reward token with a limited supply of 1 billion tokens. The token catalyzes early adoption and rewards the ecosystem's most active participants, allowing them to convert their $SECONDARY into $BONUZ under predefined conditions.

This dual-token model accelerates immediate user engagement and ensures the Bonuz ecosystem's sustained allure, making it a comprehensive solution for incentivizing and rewarding community involvement.

The Bonuz Project has multiple business entities.

It is important to note that our entity, "Bonuz Inc.," which is situated in St. Lucia, is responsible for tokenization. Learn more:

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