🔭Overview of Bonuz

Bonuz's revolutionary ecosystem can be customized to users' requirements. The platform's engagement features merge the physical and digital worlds, providing creators, celebrities, brands, events, and communities with a turnkey solution for interacting, communicating, and engaging with their target audience. Our mission is to empower users, creators, brands, and communities to reach new audiences and create new and better engaging experiences. It is not about more monetization but extracting value through these incredible technologies, which can often be mutually beneficial if they are well aligned.

The emergence of web3 technologies has led to the development of decentralized applications and protocols, creating new opportunities for social engagement and content creation. These technologies, powered by blockchain and other decentralized technologies, offer a more secure, transparent, and user-centric alternative to traditional web technologies. In the engagement industry, these technologies have led to the creation of new platforms and services that allow users to interact, communicate, and engage with each other in new and innovative ways. Bonuz is a creator, community, and brand-oriented platform that connects creators, communities and brands with their audience by offering digital collectibles and services as verifications or rewards in gamified manners.

Ultimately, it is a win-win principle. The Bonuz Ecosystem will launch its cryptocurrency to facilitate transactions within and serve as a voting platform for governance. In the beginning, Bonuz will use popular stablecoins and fiat currencies. Bonuz's revenue model is based on a percentage of the sales made with creator subscription tokens, as well as on generating fees for brand-dedicated dynamic smart NFTs used for Vouchers, Certifications, Digital Tickets, Proof-of-Participation Tokens, and other royalties.

User rewards are distributed mainly in the form of vouchers, discounts, and other non-financial benefits. Financial benefits are not excluded; this all depends on the decision and setup of the campaign creator (Business Partner). Bonuz has a business dashboard for partners, similar to Uber, which has an app specifically for its drivers.

This blend of technologies with intuitive, easy-to-use Web2 usability will elevate user experience and ultimately shift the paradigm of how the digital economy merges with the real world. Bonuz enables almost endless new use cases and possibilities for every industry. Successfully onboarded Bonuz Partners receive their partner backend system, which includes an event manager and a quest/challenge creation tool. With these new innovative use cases, partners can be very creative and upgrade their business models. Partners can expect more engagement, revenue, and unparalleled customer satisfaction as well as more customer loyalty.

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