👨‍👩‍đŸ‘ĻThird-Party Providers

Bonuz is in Love with Apps, dApps, and third-party providers.

Third-party providers play an important role in and for Bonuz.

While Bonuz is our creation, we did not create or invent most of the tech or infrastructure. We never planned to reinvent the wheel. We utilize some of the leading licensed, regulated, and audited technologies available on the Internet. In the same way that Satoshi Nakamoto didn't invent all the parts and technologies that make Bitcoin operational, the Bonuz team neither invented the Smart Wallet nor many of the technologies used to develop the Bonuz Ecosystem. What we at Bonuz achieved is merging and puzzling these together in a way that will bring the most incredible user experience while enabling purpose and excellent usability for the users. Dapp / App Integrations. Infrastructure Technologies are used. You can find them in the Terms of Use for the Bonuz Mobile App. If you would like us to consider integrating your App/dApp or Technology, fill out this form.

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