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Founder's Visionary Note

Why & How
After getting my hands on Bitcoin’s Whitepaper in 2016 and conducting my own research, I was immediately convinced by blockchain technology and its fundamentals. Back then I was an entrepreneur, social media influencer, social media strategist, and growth hacker, hence I was so impressed that I reconsidered the field I was working in and started deep-diving my journey in the blockchain. It is a journey with many interesting highlights, amazing people, and incredible learning experiences still continuing today in 2023. View my Linkedin, Instagram, or Twitter to learn more about me.
Nowadays, in Web2, Creators and all Brands struggle to have genuine interaction, engagement, and personalized communication with their audiences. In addition, they do not own the content they produce nor have control over their audiences. They constantly face Identity thefts, fake reviews, and so many more disadvantages.
My Vision with Bonuz is to build a Creator/Brand-oriented and Community-focused Web3 platform by combining technologies such as digital identity, token gating, proof-of-attendance, augmented reality, AI, advanced NFTs, and a few others together. This will truly allow the merging of physical and digital worlds in a user-friendly Web2 Style. Providing these disruptive and transparent tools will enable a paradigm shift of win/win possibilities for Creators, Communities, Celebrities, and Brands.
Matthias Mende,
Founder & CEO
Bonuz Inc.